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w/ Jan Žalský, Tomáš Nováček,
Aneta Žvaková, Vojtěch Tecl, Daniel Rodriguez
Jablonec, Czech Republic

We perceive the individual sites as autonomous parts, but together they form a harmonious whole. What happens on the banks is influenced by the level of the dam. The view of the shore from the water and from the shore to the water is crucial not only for our presentation but also for the site itself.
We specify "fixed bases" for individual sites. They include a kiosk and restrooms nearby. We minimize the number of permanent structures.
We locate permanent structures predominantly on City property, at a safe distance from changing water levels.
We address hard-to-predict demand for fast food with mobile food trucks. Because these are seasonal structures. This reduces capital costs and increases rental income.
The construction and materials of the buildings are chosen with respect to the typology:
wooden beams, planks with paint, lost formwork blocks, polycarbonate, glass (only exceptionally), ceramic cladding, steel (for joints only), metal and asphalt roofing.

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