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w/ Jan Žalský, Tomáš Nováček, Vojtěch Tecl
Běstvina, Czech Republic

Every large university in Czech Republic has its own camp situated in the nature. University of chemistry and technology Prague is now in the beginning of the renewal process of such camp. First step of this process is the new building with showers and toilets for the summer season. In the peak of the season the building serves to 180 people.
Under one roof -in the least visible place of the camp- there are 16 washbasins, 11 toilets, 8 showers, 3 urinals, 2 gutters and 1 sink. The roofing is supported by 21 purlins, which lie on 4 purlins made of glued wood supported by 8 reinforced concrete columns. Between the columns are brick partitions made of brick blocks provided with ceramic tiles with a unique combination of patterns. Toilets, showers and sliding doors are made of galvanized steel and galvanized sheet metal. The symmetrical composition of the building is complemented in the front and rear view by two steel gutters intended for hand washing and morning hygiene.

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