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at Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

We are looking for a prototype for a contemporary larger central European city. Each of the student-
students will design one project to be located in two different locations. In this case it is Prague and Bratislava, but it could be any larger location that is struggling with the issue of rapid growth. Our aim is to test the viability of the prototypes in different environments, to explore their different and common characteristics, their ability to adapt to specificities and cope with change.

The scale is set somewhere between architecture and the city. Thus, it should be considered
the necessary critical volume, relevant at the level of the settlement, but at the same time graspable enough to still be legible as architecture and not just become an abstraction at the level of spatial planning.

The main content (functional) of the prototype is to provide housing. From-
the most mundane task of architecture. However, rethinking it in terms of the prototype's intentions offers the opportunity to arrive at non-trivial results. We are designing housing for the masses, nothing exclusive, but no social housing either. Middle class.

What does it mean to live today? What are the daily rituals and individual needs of the contemporary household? What is the demand (if any) for sharing and collective use of spaces? What degrees of territorial depth and intimacy do contemporary dwellings allow? V What is the relationship between accessibility and dignity of housing? What about measures and adaptations to change climate?

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