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at Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

Design the maximum number of minimum dwellings in the specified plot.

At the beginning of the process there was a fundamental question "what is the minimum?". A roof over your head? A bed? A toilet? A kitchen? And what is the minimum in the context of the virtual reality age, where I can experience the infinite maximum in the minimum. In this situation, one really only needs a small box from which to experience the feeling of a large space. The important thing is, however, not to succumb completely to this trend and thus forget about the real reality. On this basis, I am returning again to the disposition.
The main motif for me is the symbol of the hexagon, which is the most iconic in terms of its arrangement in space. I realize that man is not a bee. So I reduce this shape to a more vertical, i.e. irregular hexagon. The housing unit contains the absolute minimum - a bed with storage space, one kitchen module and a cubicle with a shower and toilet at the same time. There are 111 flats in total. The house operates on two communication planes. Even and odd pavements serving even and odd cells. The mass of the building itself keeps a distance from the surrounding houses, maintaining a certain tension that is important for this space.

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