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at Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

The footbridge near the Troja Castle in Prague collapsed into the Vltava River at around 13.30 on Saturday. Part of the debris fell on the local cycle path. A helicopter with thermal imaging intervened at the scene. Four people suffered injuries - two serious, two light. In 2011, the Technical Administration of Communications warned that the condition of the footbridge was very poor and estimated its service life at five to seven years.
Design a temporary bridge/island connection structure. This can be a temporary structure, structure(s), conceptual design.
concepts. It is a crisis solution, quick and simple, The result may not be a concrete structure, but the proposed project is necessary to solve the problem of how to get from one shore to the other. But the current ferry solution is not a solution for us because the ferry
is often interrupted due to the current flow of the Vltava River. The proposed projects should contribute to the debate on how this crisis situation could be solved.

Main design priorities: efficient use of the river (especially as transport), use of unused space and ease of assembly/disassembly.
The design is a barge that, thanks to its length of almost 80 metres and its durable construction, is able to function as a temporary footbridge without any problems. The barge is simply transported from the harbour (in Ústí nad Labem - where it is parked) to a given location, where it is lifted with the help of two truck cranes, turned 90° and placed on the road concrete panels (i.e. it does not touch the main road). For easy access (pedestrians, cyclists, strollers, disabled persons) two boat bridges are used.

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