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at Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague

At the beginning there were questions.
Questions to which it is difficult to find clear answers.
What is or should be a sacred building in the context of the 21st century? Where are the boundaries of the sacred and the profane? What is the meaning of symbol and ritual? What is the relationship between science, art and religion? Where do we look for a way back to the essence in an age of constant consumerism?
The purpose of this project is not to propose a new ideology, but to raise questions for reflection, to delve inward, in the form of rediscovering the sacred place where a sacred building used to stand. That is, to evoke a sense of missing.
I choose a place on the Vltava River under the Charles Bridge. There used to be an island with the Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk, which was completely destroyed by the flood in 1785. The design is an elementary object, i.e. a cone connecting the sky and the river. Its enclosure, its isolation from the surrounding everyday world, gives the place peace. The way to the interior is through immersion. The exact location of the extinct building remains unknown, so the object is floating - oscillating. It is temporary, like everything else.

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